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This is the page where you ask for permission to run a bot on Swedish Wikinews. Please observe:

  • Create a separate user account for your bot. We recommend that the name of your bot includes the word "bot" or other variations.
  • The template {{bot|bot master's name|site=home site}} is required on the bot's user page.
  • The user page of the bot should include a description of the tasks it is doing.
  • Global bots are enabled on sv wikinews. If you intend to run an iw-bot, consider applying for global bot status instead at meta.

Operators of global bots using pywikipedia might receive messages that says something like the bot has not bot status and might be blocked. This message may be suppressed by setting notify_unflagged_bot = False in user-config.py.

Bots without a bot flag should wait at least 30 seconds between edits. Bots with a bot flag should wait about 10 seconds between edits. Administrators are encouraged to block bots that are harmful, run too fast or do somehing else than described in the application to run it.

Instruktioner / Instructions[redigera]

Before application you have to:

  1. Put the mandatory template {{bot|bot master's name|site=home site}} on the bot's user page.
  2. Describe the functions of the bot on its user page.

Post your entries at the top of the "New requests" section below and tell us what kind of bot it is (pywikipedia? your own construction?) and exactly what it will do. If your bot is an ordinary pywikipedia interwiki bot, you may start test-run immediately. If your bot is of another construction or is going to do something more complex, then wait a couple of days, if no one opposes, you can test-run your bot so the users at svwiki can see it in action. Either way, make sure at least one user who have seen your bot at work signs that they accept your bot. When the bot has been accepted it may get a bot flag from one of our bureaucrats.

Please copy this form for your application. The title should be Your bot's name.

=== Name of Your Bot ===
* ''Bot's name:'' {{User|Name of Your Bot}}
* ''Bot master:'' ~~~~
* ''Bot status in other wikimedia projects/language versions:'' [[sulutil:Name of Your Bot|sulutil]]
* ''Bot framework:'' e.g. pywikipedia
* ''Function summary:'' e.g. Interwiki


Swedish speaking users, use this template / svensktalande användare kan använda denna mall istället. Ange din robots namn som rubrik

=== Namnet på din robot ===
* ''Robotens namn:'' {{User|Namnet på din robot}}
* ''Robotägare:'' ~~~~
* ''Robotstatus på andra wikimediaprojekt/språkupplagor:'' [[sulutil:Namnet på din robot|sulutil]]
* ''Programtyp:'' t.ex. pywikipedia
* ''Uppgifter:'' t ex interwiki


This page is supervised by the sv bureaucrats who will handle your request.

Nya ansökningar / New requests[redigera]


  • Operator: Avocato
  • Programming Language(s): Python (pywikipedia)
  • Function Summary: Interwiki & Fixing double redirects
  • Contributions: see here
  • Already has bot flag on: +230 wikis

Thank you.--Avocato (diskussion) 12 september 2012 kl. 13.30 (CEST)[svara]

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